Wednesday, 3 April 2013


a taste...

Denim Guru Tharie Charles is weird, even her Mum says so, her horses don’t care about weird thankfully.  In search of a challenge she agrees to interview at the newest hottest denim brand, by Daniel Pearce, the founder of RANDom Denim.  He is young, charismatic, gorgeous, and her new boss. He makes no secret of his desire for her, he wants her badly... to design for Milk&Honey, the womenswear branch of RANDom. 
There’s more to this man than haunting good looks and great taste in jeans, Tharie is soon to discover, desperate to unravel the meanings of drawings and clues left for him his whole life.  Together they embark upon an adventure to decipher the unusual imagery which leads them on a journey of a lifetime.  Joined by an intrepid group of colourful characters, they scour the depths and uncover lost treasures, whilst Daniel scours Tharie’s depths and uncovers her lost treasures at every possible opportunity!
This trilogy will obsess you, it’ll get into your bones and whirl around your mind, a love story of beauty and elegance, with horses, two unlikely lonely characters sharing each other. It’ll stay with you for all time.

PEARCED Launch end April 2013.


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