Thursday, 4 April 2013


Mrs H Ryder.

Helen Ryder grew up in Essex without a pony until she was 12, it was tough. Luckily she had a younger brother to torment, so all was not lost. Good at art and English at school, not surprisingly then, her career began as a fashion designer, though she'd really fancied designing record covers, but plans don't always work out how you expect do they? Her Design job involved travel all over the world, designing and developing denim, very cool, I'm sure you'd agree. But, like most women, with many passions: horses (she has 2 Trakehners now), boys, clothes, cats, gardening, reading, tea, sleeping, curry amongst others, this career was never going to be enough to satisfy her over-active imagination and love of words (real and imagined).  Good at writing and prone to eloquence on the page, she decided to write a book just to see if she could.

Our heroine Tharie Charles, in this new series of 'Pearced' books, has much in common with the real Helen Ryder, and this slightly amusing, jabbering rant of this weird mind from Barking, Essex, needed to be shared. Plus, it’s got ponies in it.

Put the kettle on and...


PEARCED Launch end April 2013.


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