Sunday, 14 April 2013

...sneak peek inside...
The later bit before chapter one, last Thursday: 17thoctober2013, 4.12pm, Daniel Pearce


A tall elegant man emerges from beyond the curtain of jeans, I judge to be about 6ft3, he comes out from a door behind the denim, they swing like a curtain and mess up his hair.  It's short, shaved at the sides and back but long and floppy on the top and his tattooed fingers adjust it back into a Matt Smith quiff with a motion which makes me think he has to do this a lot.  He looks at me, he has the most beautiful face and clear greyed green eyes, the colour of gooseberries, and a wonderful warm inviting smile. I feel oddly attracted to him, his gaze has a pull to it, I fight the feeling and lose.

MC collected trot.  Much Better.

My phone vibrates in my pocket, I feel it’s insistence for my attention, but my brain is busy with something else, caller, please leave a message.

His look lasts a little too long to be considered usual for a first business meeting as if he's sizing me up for more than my design skills, we lock eyes, we could be in a bar, the body temperature of my Jack Daniels making a warm trail inside me, but it's not the Jack that’s stirring me, this is an extraordinary man, I can't take my eyes of him.  But I force myself to. Mum would be proud, though she'd be staring too!

"Tharie, I’m hoping," he walks over to his desk and his fingers run through the front of his hair again. "Sorry there was no-one to let you in, I'm on my own today.” He tames his quiff once more, looking at something on his desk, “I try not letting anyone in here it's my personal workspace.” He puts his watch back on, what's behind that door? “But my team are all out this afternoon and the offices upstairs are closed and empty.” He snaps the closure shut around his wrist, “we're preparing for the launch of the new RANDom range, Milk&Honey, our new denim for women." Nice, and I don’t just mean the jeans.

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